Final workshop within the ERA-NET Bioenergy project BIOFLEX!

On February 28 2019, the final workshop within the project was held in Wels, Austria. Below you can download the presentations.

Technological solutions for the combustion of challenging biomass fuels

Ingwald Obernberger, Bios Bioenergiesysteme Gmbh.

Download the presentation here

Fuel design concepts to reduce ash related problems and emissions – experiences from single pellet combustion tests

Christoffer Boman; Anders Rebbling; Markus Carlborg; Anna Strandberg, Umeå University.

Download the presentation here

Experiences from combustion tests with kaolin additivated fuels in residental boilers

Robert Mack & Hans Hartmann, TFZ; Christoffer Boman, Umeå University.

Download the presentation here

Modeling fixed-bed pellet combustion of fuels with varying ash contents

Henrik Ström, Chalmers

Download the presentation here

Application of non-wood pellets in appropriately adapted small-scale boilers – results and evaluation

Thomas Brunner, Bios Bioenergiesysteme Gmbh; Georg Hofmeister.

Download the presentation here

Burner design for difficult pulverized biomass fuels

Pawel Bocian, Bartosz Swiatkowski, Institute of Power Engineering, Poland.

Download the presentation here

Guidelines for advanced furnace/boiler and fuel design

Thomas Brunner, Bios Bioenergiesysteme Gmbh.

Download the presentation here

Guideline for fuel design – focus on kaolin additives

Christoffer Boman, Anders Rebbling, Robert Mack, Umeå University; Hans Hartmann, TFZ.

Download the presentation here