Work packages

Three major R&D pathways

Work packages

To reach the objectives of the project to increase fuel flexibility and to enlarge the market potential for solid biomass fuels in small and medium-scale heat and power production the consortium will focus on the stated three major R&D pathways:

  • Fundamental ash transformation research for the chosen fuels.
  • Additives and fuel blending.
  • Further development of combustion technologies and process control systems by means of primary measures relevant for the selected fuels.

Seven work packages

For that the project work will be divided into seven work packages (WP) – performed by the one or several partners in the BIOFLEX! Consortium – which are described below, and in the flow sheet given in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Information flow of the project

Figure 1. Information flow of the project

WP 1: Fuel design concepts for reduction of ash related problems and emissions in fixed bed combustion of various biomass fuels

The objectives of the WP are to:

  • Generate new information concerning the combustion properties, ash chemical aspects and fuel additivation/mixing and production features associated with different relevant ash rich biomass fuels from woody-, agricultural- and waste/by-product residue feedstocks
  • Identify, explore and develop applicable fuel design measures for prevention of critical ash related operational problems and emissions for potentially problematic biomass fuels in small-scale grate fired combustion systems

WP 2: Modelling and model validation of combustion of difficult biomass fuels in fixed beds

The objective of the WP is to improve predictions of fixed-bed conversion of difficult biomass fuels, so that initial attempts to include ash transformation (e.g. slagging and particle emissions) can be made. The objective is further to validate the combustion model with lab-scale experiments.

WP 3: Advanced combustion system design

The objectives of the WP are to:

  • Develop optimised designs for small and medium-scale fixed bed combustion systems for new biomass fuel
  • Develop optimised designs for small-scale pulverised fuel combustion systems for new biomass fuels

WP 4: Testing and optimisation of concepts developed design

The objective of the WP is to apply, test and stepwisely optimise the concepts developed for fuel design, combustion design and operation. Trials will be performed in different test plants in cooperation with industry. Fuels for the trials will be provided within each task.

WP 5: Techno-economic analyses of the new Technologies

The objective of the WP is to make a techno-economic evaluation of the application of the measures developed and comparison with present state-of-the-art combustion systems.

WP 6: Guidelines for advanced furnace/boiler and fuel design and dissemination of project results

The objectives of the WP are to:

  • Create guidelines for advanced furnace/boiler and fuel design in an user-friendly and easily applicable layout
  • Disseminate the results from the project together with the guidelines to stakeholders
  • Publish and present relevant project results in scientific papers and at Conferences

WP 7: Project management

The BIOFLEX! project will be coordinated by SP with the objective to establish a successful and well functional communication and cooperation between partners in order to ensure the completion of tasks, work packages and the project itself within the aimed work schedule.